American-American, but only in America.

American-Flag-450x299Recently, I was having a discussion with my soon-to-be wife. We were discussing the way that everyone in the U.S. today seems to qualify his or her “American-ness” with some other descriptor. For instance, you aren’t just Italian, you’re an Italian-American, and you aren’t just broke, you’re a Penniless-American.

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Royal Pains TV Show Misleads About R.A.

royal-painsMy column always spans the gamut of subjects from light humor to heartwarming stories to gripes about life. This column is of the third type. I saw something this week on a TV show that Allison and I regularly watch that made me upset. Very upset.

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Matt Iseman, Comedian, Doctor, R.A. Patient

mattisemanMatt Iseman is a comedian who also happens to have R.A. See, I told you there were million of us out there that weren’t elderly! You can view one of his videos in this post, but make sure to visit his website and check out all that he has to offer. Matt used to be a doctor, or I guess, he still is, but he also hosts Support those of us who have the disease by spreading the word as much as possible!

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Dan Battle’s Bi-Weekly Blogger’s Block

writersblockHello, my faithful readers. Originally, I was poised to skip the column this week because I thought it might be getting a bit stale. I was assured that quite the opposite is true, though, so far be it from me to disappoint people who actually want to read what I write. How could I be so callous?

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