Crazy People I Have Met Because Of My Disease, Vol. 1

crazyeyesSo, my faithful minions, we have had a fairly eventful couple of weeks, no? I got engaged, I received my horrible foot brace, and I officially launched my new author website over at Feel free to visit.

So much going on, right? Since we have been dealing with so many important happenings lately I figured we should take a break and have a few laughs. So, without further adieu, it’s time to visit that most entertaining and ridiculous of places – the Vault of Crazy People I Met Because of My Disease!

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The Leaky Gut Theory

leakygutI just want to say a word about the last column before we begin.  There was such an overwhelming response to the post about my engagement to Allison that I was truly moved.  All of my readers, sent me messages, posted about it, and responded to the story I told with such warm, caring, comments, that both Allison and I were almost moved to tears.  It is such a wonderful feeling to know that not only are you supporting our decision, but celebrating it as well.  When I began writing this column years ago, it was more of a therapeutic exercise for me alone; to help combat some of the demons I was facing at the time.  Now, though, I see just how much these posts affect people, and it is astounding to think that thousands of you who I have never met take the time every two weeks to read the things that I write.  Sometimes I think, “Who am I? Why would anyone care about what I’m feeling and experiencing?”  All I have to do during those moments of doubt is look at how much you all truly care about the life I lead, and it erases all signs of doubt.

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America, The Kid With No Lunch Money

americalunchmoneyThroughout the history of our (formerly?) great country, we have taken pride in assisting other burgeoning democracies throughout the world. As the quintessential example of that “shining city on a hill,” we provide money, arms, and other assets to fledgling nations in order to further the cause of freedom. Apparently, the grand design was that someday we would be able to look at the map and realize that the good old U.S. of A. was now the patron saint of a slew of democratic states. After that, I guess the entire globe would then join hands and sing a song of peace, freedom, and love, with one glorious voice. Huzzah! Three cheers for the United States, mother of the world and father of free citizens everywhere!

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