Dan On Fear

fearLast time, we had some laughs. It’s always nice to take a break from real life and blow off some steam. Unfortunately, though, as it often does, responsibility comes crashing back in. It’s always easier to deal with it, though, once you’ve taken a break, and it’s a good thing I had one. Therapy, my R.A., the bills, and life in general were waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

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Big Bro Before What You Know?

bigbroLast time I spoke about the way our society, by in large, is reactionary in its response to tragedy. We make laws during the “knee-jerk” period of hate and anger that comes after these horrible events occur, and we don’t take the time to calm down and rationally think about what we are doing. When you make laws from blood lust and revenge, nothing good can happen.

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The Last Syon

Land-On-Alien-Planet_Wallpaper_fpxy5I have posted a new short story in the “Short Stories” area of the website. It is an interesting tale of the downfall of a slightly alien society that treated some of their citizens like slaves, and the result of doing so. The humans, on the other hand, have a weapon that can wipe them out in one fell swoop. Should they use it? Would they be any better than the beings they are Continue reading “The Last Syon” »

Stranded Under The Magic Kingdom Sea

littlemermaidWe start this trip down hilarity lane with my recent trip to Orlando. Those of you who read my column know that I took a trip to the happiest place on Earth with Allison, her sister, my mother, my sister, Allison’s nieces, Allison’s best friend from college, her husband, and finally, her best friend’s father. As you can imagine, the days that we all went to the park at the same time made for one big crew. We usually took up one entire car or section of seats on any ride that we went on.

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