Don’t Handicap Your Vacation!

travel2Some of you may know that I just returned from a trip to the Sunshine state, Florida. We stayed in the Orlando area where there are many, many, different attractions to be seen. As I made my way to and from the airport this past week, it occurred to me that many of you who are also disabled may be afraid or unwilling to take trips or go on vacation due to the mistaken belief that you will be unable to cope with the rigors or traveling. To that end, I have decided to use this installment of my column to share with you some of the traveling tips I have learned in my years of vacationing with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible – it’s just requires a bit more planning (and maybe some yelling).

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Shooting Blanks For Revenge

shootingblanksGuns. Rifles, shotguns, handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, pieces, boom sticks — whatever you call them, when the subject of firearms is raised, it seems everyone — even the most reserved of personalities — has an opinion on the state of gun control in our country. As of late, especially with the tragedy in Newtown fresh in our minds, it seems you cannot turn on the television or radio without a new proposed method to control the sale of guns being trotted out for our approval. Unfortunately, we are once again being reactive instead of proactive, and while these new laws and edicts may silence some of the critics of our supposedly “too lenient” gun laws, it really does nothing at all to curtail the sale or use of illegal firearms.

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What’s That About Silver Linings?

vinylRecently, with the help of Christmas present funds and my new-found ability to save money, I have had the opportunity to do something I have been longing to do ever since I gave it up almost ten years ago after I left the DJ business – re-start my vinyl record collection and purchase a turntable. Most people consider vinyl records to be obsolete, from a by-gone age of music that went hand in hand with Volkswagen mini-busses with carpeted interiors and psychedelic mushrooms. In reality, though, the vinyl record scene is making a comeback right now, and for good reason – there are just certain things you cannot duplicate no matter how much technology you employ.

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