New Year, New Ankle

ankle-replacementBy the time you read this, the ball will have dropped and the New Year will have officially started. As my faithful readers know, I did not post a blog entry last newsletter, and for that I truly apologize. In addition, because of the multiple postponements and delays that occurred with the right ankle replacement, the “ankle replacement blog” that I had planned to write also fell by the wayside. I have no excuse, and for all of this I throw myself on the mercy of the court. All I can do is relate the facts that I have been dealing with for the past month or so and let you make your own decision whether or not to lynch me.

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Ankle Replacement Surgery, Finally!

anklereplaceWell, here we are yet again. I still have not had my ankle replacement surgery. I know, it sounds like a bad joke at this point, but it’s true. The comedy of errors that has resulted in four postponements of my procedure is quite a tale. I will share a bit of it with you now.

When we last checked in, I was writing about my impending ankle surgery and If I remember correctly it was the coming Monday that the surgery was scheduled for. Well, I showed up that Monday, prepared for the surgery to take place. It was a late procedure, happening around dinner time, so I was not going to be in recovery until well after visiting hours.

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