How Many LIPA Guys Does It Take To Open A Manhole?

lipaWith the event of Superstorm Sandy, many of us here on Long Island have been blasting the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), and their horrendous performance dealing with the aftermath of superstorm Sandy. With over 160,00 customers still without power in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens, people are understandably reaching their breaking point. Eleven days without power and heat is enough to drive anyone crazy. 

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The Human Spirit Is Where You Find It

Superstorm Sandy RebuildingDespite the fact that I have had no power, heat, or means of accessing the Internet this week, I wanted to put together a small piece for those of you in the New York/New Jersey Tri-State area that I know are suffering from the effects of Superstorm Sandy. I have fortunately been returned to full power myself mere hours ago, and it is certainly a welcome change. Even so, surviving for five days without power has made me do things I thought I’d never have to, and made me figure out ways to survive that I thought had gone extinct with the Dodo. I actually bought an axe and had my brother chop firewood simply to keep warm!

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Who Speak For New York? A Hurricane Sandy Discussion

hurricaneWith the event of Hurricane Sandy, many of us have been living in pre-modern conditions for days. My brother and I bought and axe and began cutting and splitting the logs from fallen trees in our neighborhood just to keep warm. Thankfully we have a gas-fired water heater, but most in our town have no hot water or electricity. It’s going on six days now that utilities have been unavailable, and while it was quaint for a day or two, we are now getting in to dangerous territory.

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