Pick A Card, Any Card

icdI recently underwent a procedure to install an ICD, or a defibrillator.

This little baby ensures that my heart beats properly at all times, and if I somehow slip into an arrhythmia, the device will shock me back into a normal rhythm.

Hopefully, I will never have to experience this particular life-threatening aberration, but it’s nice to know that I won’t drop dead face-first in my spaghetti if I do.

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The Equality Of Inequity

irony“Sorry, life isn’t fair.”

I cannot count the amount of times I have heard that statement from my parents after crying foul over one of life’s inequities. Whether it was a rebuttal to “he got more than me!” or “he got picked first!” or even “how come I have to eat my vegetables and he doesn’t?” the premise that life wasn’t fair was constantly thrown in my face. Today, though, it seems that much of our population has either ignored or forgotten this most important of lessons. I suppose it isn’t difficult when our very own president gets on television and tells people that every one should be equal and pay their fair share.

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Sexscript – A Prescription For Sex

sex1Sex. It’s a topic that many people are squeamish about, and some get downright embarrassed whenever the word is mentioned. For those healthy individuals among you, talking with your partner about sex is important, of that there is no doubt. When you are chronically ill, though, sex can get put at the bottom of the list when there are so many other concerns that seem more important.

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