Movie Night

loveotherdrugsAs many of you who follow me know, I have been recovering from a particularly hectic ordeal over the last month or so. You can read about all that happened in my last column and the latest post in my shoulder replacement blog special (Part 5). During my recuperation, I had the opportunity to watch many movies and TV shows – in fact, it’s just about all I did. Among the overwhelming horde of horrible remakes, pointless horror stories, and kitsch fad films, there was one bit of cinema that made a very distinct impression on Continue reading “Movie Night” »

Occupy Wall St. – Harassing Everyone But The 1%

occupywallstFor about two months now, a number of protesters have moved into lower Manhattan and dubbed themselves the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Their main base of operations is Zuccotti Park, which lies next to Broadway and Cedar Street. For those who do not know Manhattan, the park is basically about as far downtown as you can get. The space, which was formerly a quiet, outdoor, place to enjoy lunch or take in a bit of nature in the middle of a Continue reading “Occupy Wall St. – Harassing Everyone But The 1%” »

My Triumphant Return

returnsAs many of you who follow my posts every other week know, I have been conspicuously absent for a month or so. Like Big Ben or Old Faithful, I could always be counted on to provide a new entry every two weeks like clockwork. Well, sadly, that perfect record now has a blemish on it. I was unable to perform my duties as your purveyor of Rheumatoid Arthritis facts and R.A. related info, but I assure you there is a good reason.

As those of you who follow my shoulder replacement blog know, I went under the Continue reading “My Triumphant Return” »