And let there be light.. tomorrow?

hurricaneAs those of you on the East Coast are well aware, Hurricane Irene has just slammed into our towns and villages. In New York, the last time we felt the sting of a storm this bad was way back in 1985 when Hurricane Gloria came to town. I was eight years old then and still had one more year of ignorant bliss until my JRA took hold. Now, though, we have survived another natural “disaster,” and the cleanup stage has begun. Unfortunately, like at least 20,000 additional residents in my immediate area, I have no Continue reading “And let there be light.. tomorrow?” »

Changing Priorities

CoffinMost times when I write this column, I have some sage-like advice to impart to those of you who honor me by reading my words. Usually these lessons I speak about have been learned over years and years of dealing with the trials and tribulations of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It always touches me when someone writes in to tell me how much they enjoyed reading my work, and how much better they feel knowing that there is at least one other person on this Earth who is feeling the same emotions as they are. Lately, though, I have been in need of a helping hand myself. One particular issue plaguing me has Continue reading “Changing Priorities” »

Getting Back On The Bike

bikeSometimes you can surprise yourself. Throughout the years, I have been excluded from many activities due to my ongoing illness. Because I so often was unable to participate I became jaded, and after a long while I simply opted out without consideration. Recently, though, I fought the urge to be a curmudgeon, and I actually did something I never thought possible.

When I was young, I frequently played basketball, joined in games of manhunt, and swam in the ocean. When I reached the Continue reading “Getting Back On The Bike” »