The Burden Of Travel

travelAs some of you know, I was afforded the opportunity to visit Ireland this week. I had never seen Ireland before, and I really wanted to see if I was still capable of traveling very far from home, leaving my comfort zone well behind. It was daunting, and until the wheels of the plane landed in Shannon, I was dreading every moment of it. Of course, things never seem to turn out as bad as the horrible catastrophe that your mind expects, and this trip (now that it is close to its end) is no exception. Continue reading “The Burden Of Travel” »

Internet Carnage Desensitization

girlfightEvery time I turn on the television these days, I see another video of teenagers engaged in violence against one another, or I see another news story about how bullying has resulted in a child’s death, or I see another viral video where some unsuspecting dupe has been caught on video in a horribly compromising position. It seems that our airwaves are being flooded with media that glorifies someone’s malicious desire to harm another human being. My question is, when did it become acceptable to humiliate and hurt our fellow man without a thought for the consequences? Continue reading “Internet Carnage Desensitization” »