2011 Is Dead! Long Live 2012!

newyearspartySince I missed you last week, this will be my first official post of the New Year, 2012. So, for all of you who read my lowly column, Happy New Year! Along with the plastic horns and paper hats, watching Dick Clark, and the usually cheap champagne, there is something else that comes along with celebrating the New Year – resolutions!

Now, to many of us out there, “resolution” is a four-letter word. Every time the year changes and we watch the ball drop, inevitably, someone asks what our new year’s resolutions are. Right then, something interesting happens. Everyone, from the most pious priest right down to the least honorable thief, turn into well-seasoned, fully certified, pro-bowl grade, liars – and we do it with a smile. On that night of nights, each and every one of us becomes a fibber of epic proportions, and the worst part is we all know we are doing it as it happens. Of course, everyone says that New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken, but that does not lessen the fact that we tell ourselves the most outrageous fairy tales once a year.

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