On My Leash

Police-training-leather-dog-leashFinally finding a medicine that works for me (for now) is certainly something to get excited about. Especially since I have only found a very small handful of medicines that have worked for me in the last 20 years of R.A. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, there is a trade-off, a downside to the medication itself – portability. In fact, this is true of many aspects of my illness.

For those of you who are confused right now, let me enlighten you. People like me who suffer from serious, chronic Continue reading “On My Leash” »

The Relationship Paradox

find-life-coachWe all know that maintaining a relationship with a significant other is hard enough when it is between two healthy individuals. When you throw a physical handicap or chronic illness into the equation, it creates even more stress for both individuals. There are a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way over the years, and “love conquers all,” unfortunately, is not one of them.

Over the last 33 years, I have been called many things — a cynic, a pessimist, and a few other things Continue reading “The Relationship Paradox” »


colorful chameleonSomeone said to me the other day, “Oh, I could never do what you do.” She was making reference to the fact that I get up every day, no matter how bad I feel, no matter how many doctor’s appointments I have to go to that week, no matter what else may be facing me. She was not the first to say something like that to me, and she certainly won’t be the last. I even get called a “hero” from time to time. Of course, I thank these people and smile, but there is a simple truth that I try not to mention when people are paying me compliments – people do what Continue reading “Adapt” »