Lifeus Interruptus

overwhelmedAs I was sitting and wondering what exactly I was going to write about this time around, I looked at my inbox and it hit me. The mountain of paperwork that was now forming its own “leaning tower of paper” was only one-fourth of the phone calls, letters, and bills I had to take care of. The reason that I will be tied up for weeks? Simple. My disease left me blowin’ in the wind for a little over a month.

As you all know, I recently had several consecutive long hospital stays for what amounted to a small case of pneumonia and then weeks of Continue reading “Lifeus Interruptus” »

Human Fly-Paper

WYNR06-2For those of us who suffer from auto-immune disease, there comes a time when we have to make a decision about medication. When the time comes that the non-steroid medications are no longer working, then a choice must be made to venture on to the “harder stuff.” This includes steroids, of course, and also the immuno-suppressant class of drugs. These drugs are especially troublesome, as the list of side effects is not only long, but filled with dangerous possibilities.

It is for this reason that I have been on hiatus for the last month or two. As I related to you in my last article, I was admitted to the hospital due to complications from my R.A. medicine, and what a long, strange trip Continue reading “Human Fly-Paper” »