Spring, Weather Changes, and Arthritis

spring-birdsAs I look out the window, I see that the weather is changing again.  It’s that time of year when cold turns to hot, and the cycle of growth begins again.  Those of us who suffer from arthritis know this time well, as it is usually when we suffer the most.  No one can say exactly why, but there is certainly no shortage of theories.  Whether it’s barometric pressure affecting joints to the human body being able to actually sense the seasons, the simple fact is that we are affected more than the normal, everyday, human. Continue reading “Spring, Weather Changes, and Arthritis” »

Facebook Chooses Profits Over Not-For-Profits

thumbs-down1My latex Huffington Post piece deals with an alarming issue. Recently, Facebook decided to change the way they populate user’s newsfeeds. Many of you have probably noticed items in your feed that you haven’t subscribed to or liked, and other things that used to show up in your homepage all the time now very rarely appear or never show up at all. Those of you who haven’t noticed, it’s time to come home from Farmville and complete the Candy Crush Saga already.

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Stares, Nasty Notes, & More

hcThis past week, the Official Facebook Page for Invisible Illness Week (yes, there is one, this year it’s Sept. 8-14) posted an image of a note that was left on the windshield of someone handicapped.  The note read:

You are NOT disabled. I saw you and your daughter park here and walk into Macy’s. My sister is in a wheelchair, and you should be ashamed! Lazy is not a disability!

Of course, the person inside the car actually was disabled, and instead of taking offense to the note, she was actually more disheartened and even a bit embarrassed.  You may be surprised at this response, but as someone who has been in this position many times myself, I completely understand.

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Kids Don’t Get Arthritis!

new-year-sHow many times have you heard that?  I know, even once is too much. All of you who have signed up know how badly this stereotype hurts us. We have gotten a ton of new members recently, so I just wanted to welcome everyone new and say hello to everyone old, and make sure you both realize I’m still here!  I am working on many different projects so my days are super busy.

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Some Of The Good Things In Arthritis This Week

proteinI have been writing this blog for over four years now, much to my surprise, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. That being said, I have noticed as of late that more often than not, I write about something sad or maudlin, even though there is usually a message of hope or humor contained within. Well, I thought this week we could change things up and talk about some of the good things going on.

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Announcing TalkingJoints! My New Storytelling Series!

tj-logoWell, the big announcement is finally here.  My new audio storytelling series, TalkingJoints, is finally here (almost)!  Within the next few weeks, Creaky Joints, the website that is sponsoring the new show, will be providing this new program for download. It is going to be short, 5-minutes long snippets of me, talking about some of the crazy misadventures I have living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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Cause For Rheumatoid Arthritis Found?

soyoungCould it possibly be? Researchers in Osaka have discovered a “misfiled” protein that coats the outside of certain molecules in the body.  They claim that it is this protein that is being identified by the body as a foreign substance and why the body is subsequently attacking itself.  If this proved true, a cure could be literally five years away!!

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My Interview On Dialogues With Dan

interviewThe video for my interview on the Dialogues with Dan show is posed over at YouTube.  You can visit www.RocklandWorldRadio.com for that and other great shows.  The interview went fantastic (or so I’m told), and Dan was a perfect host. Check it out!