Into The Abyss: Calling My Insurance Company

Lately it seems like everyone has been complaining about medical insurance, and how patients like me consistently get left by the wayside and are forced to suffer.  Cost is now the defining factor for whether or not a medicine or procedure gets approved for payment.  Fortunately, I had been spared from the worst of it as of late, but a few days ago my two-year lucky streak came to an end, and now the sign in my room reads “03 days since the last insurance debacle.”

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Remember, Talking Joints Is Still There For The Listen!

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150Talking Joints, my audio wed storytelling series is garnering some serious acclaim.  If you have not listened yet, or are unable to find it, here is the link again.  Listen to me opine about some of the crazy things that have happened to me because of my disease, and talk about some of the thoughts and fears that we all share, chronically ill or not.  They are only about five minutes each, so it should take no time at all to listen.

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The Third Wheel On My Honeymoon – R.A.

spring-birdsHello everyone!  I’m back, and I’m officially a husband!  Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and congratulations.  For those who have been asking, you can view some of the amateur photos over at my Facebook fan page, .  It has been a long time coming, and proof that people with autoimmune disease aren’t  doomed to a solitary and loveless life.  It isn’t going to be easy though – I know no marriage is, of course, but even in Hawaii I was reminded in stark fashion about the third member of our budding marriage – rheumatoid arthritis. Continue reading “The Third Wheel On My Honeymoon – R.A.” »

Health Central Article On Me & Talking Joints!

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150Health Central, one of the more respected health-related website on the net, has conducted a profile on me that focuses on the new Talking Joints storytelling series.  Even though it has only been out for a short time, the response to the three episodes available has been amazing.  Check out the article and then, if you have not already, check out Talking Joints and listen to two or three episodes.  If you have already heard it, well, listen again, it can’t hurt!  Start quoting it to your friends and family, and possibly even start tagging objects with sayings from the show.

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The Internet, Gotta Have It! (Or Else)

t1larg.internet.addresses.gone“Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we can do a thing, it does not necessarily mean we must do that thing.”

Prophetic words. More and more lately, this quote has been echoing in my mind. I heard these words many years ago during a trip to the theater, when that sort of thing was still required if one wanted to see a new movie. The awe and wonder of the big screen was one of my favorite things, and I especially loved sci-fi (if you can identify the film that the quote is from, kudos – you are a true movie buff). The quote was uttered after a devastating set of events that resulted from progressing for the sake of progress without stopping to consider the consequences. It’s a question we rarely ask any more, at a time when, tragically, we should be asking it the most.

The Internet. The explosion of the information superhighway has been a boon for so many different industries – medical, financial, technology, and, of course, communications.

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The Official Launch Of Talking Joints

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150For the official launch of Talking Joints, I made it the subject of a new post on Creaky Joints.

The TalkingJoints storytelling series, where I recount some of the crazy antics that have befallen me while dealing with different aspects of my disease, is finally here.  I apologize that it took so long to come to fruition, but it was a long road o’ hoe.  The 5-minute episodes, or what I like to call popcasts, represent more work that you probably realize, so it means a lot to me and the rest of the people who helped make it happen.  Enough about hardships, though, let’s talk about how TalkingJoints came into being, and why it’s so important.

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Talking Joints Is Finally Online! My 5-minute Podcast!

CJ-TalkingJoints-img-150x150Talking Joints, the 5-minute podcast, or what I like to call a popcast, has finally been put online!  Listen to me opine about the ills of this world, all viewed through the rose-colored glasses of autoimmune disease.  If you want to laugh and you have no time, then this is the popcast for you!  There are three episodes online now, and more to come!

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I Am Don Quixote, Why Aren’t You?

quijote_picasso-blog2Don Quixote is one of, if not the most, enduring story of all time, and probably the first time the modern version of what we call a novel was created. Miguel de Cervantes penned the story in the early 1600s, and that’s 400 years ago, for those who are mathematically challenged. This was right around the time when the Spanish Inquisition had really hit its stride, which was great – unless you were mostly everyone. No electricity, no free speech, no Starbucks – it was an era that seems alien to us now, and because of this it is easy to assume that Dan Quixote has no bearing on today’s fast paced world of Tweets, TMZ, and the latest celebrity nude phone hack.

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How R.A. Can Be Toppled With Just One Small Block

I was watching PBS recently, as I often do, and caught a special about Gothic churches and how the pointed arch and flying buttress allowed for flyingbuttressconstruction to great heights.  It’s amazing—before these advances, castles, churches, and other structures needed big, thick, stone walls with very small windows to support upper floors.  The pointed arch was the iron girder of the day, allowing building techniques to leap forward, almost overnight.  Amazing structures like Notre Dame, The Church of St. Denis, and Canterbury Cathedral couldn’t have been built without this simple advancement – a change of just a few degrees in the stones at the top of the arch.

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Pain patient Dan Malito tries to reason with a stupid guy on a diatribe against narcotic medications

NSAID-pain-relief“I’m not dead yet!” – Sorry, just much going on now, but more to come in the new year!

Pain pills are a hot button issue right now. It is almost impossible to read any blog, website, or magazine about current events that doesn’t mention the “epidemic” of prescription pain medicine abuse. Even here at CreakyJoints, the articles and posts that have something to do with narcotic medications seem to always get the most comment. It’s easy to see why—these are troubling times for those who suffer from chronic pain and promise to become increasingly troubling as time goes on. What’s especially tragic is that so many people who are dead set against narcotic painkillers don’t even understand these medications.

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